Meeting with associate professor Krasimira Vasileva


Club "Europeans" is in the final phase of our work. An evaluation of the work and certification of SU"Lyuben Karavelov" as an offcial ambassador of EP in Bulgaria is forthcoming. On this occasion, we met with Assoc.Prof. Krasimira Vasileva from EP Bureau in Sofia, who was fascinated of our achievements and the material base of the school 🙂


Hey, hey!

 Hi, I’m Alex and even tho I may sound a bit silly the topic that we are taking with Adi is very important and widely spread.

 But for us to be able to disqus it firstly we need to define what does it mean and how does it affect us and the world. To put it simply we are working on the global goal “ Reducing the injustices “, that covers all of the kinds of discrimination (wich by the way is our specialty with Adi)

 For starters we’ll try and explain the problems that derive from this subject matter, and after that we’ll comment on things relevant on the matter that are happening around us and globally.



Pollution of the worlds ocean's



What is happening in Myanmar and what is the EU's response?

Myanmar is an independent state in southeast Asia, formerly known as Burma , a former British colony. For more than 50 years, the country has been under a military dictatorship, meaning limited civil liberties and great poverty for the ordinary citizens.Democratic governance without the intervention of the military. In early 2021, on the pretext that the elections had been forged, the military arrested the country's president and prime minister and again imposed a military dictatorship that lasted for a third month. Mass protests are organized on the streets of major cities, but unfortunately some of the protests are suppressed by force by the military – innocent citizens, journalists, doctors, etc. have been killed. 

Why and how we must fight climate change

In the last few decades, the temperatures have risen, wildfire seasons have become months longer compared to before, the ice in Antarctica has begun to melt 6 times faster, the colors of the coral reefs have faded and the mosquitoes have expanded their territory and are now able to spread diseases to more people. 

All those changes have been caused by climate change. And climate change has been mainly caused by us.

People influence the climate by deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, mass livestock farming, and other activities. These activities add huge amounts of greenhouse gases to those which are already excreted naturally and so they amplify the greenhouse effect and global warming.